Taking Over is a graffiti magazine, black and white. It’s distribuited worldwide for free by
Taking Over was born in Bologna, Italy, in 2002, during an era that saw a constant growth in the number of graffiti websites that led to a styles-and-colours overdose in which everything mixes and merges. Our aim is simple: we want to bring people’s attention back to writing’s fundamental elements and expressions. To achieve it, we decided to keep a profile that celebrates the early 90s fanzines, those wonderful photocopied bibles, some of us were lucky enough to see, touch, wait for, search for, live.
Taking Over is free and always will be.This means sacrifice, but it is also the best way to reach as many people as possible.
Follow us in our journey and spread the word.

Taking Over e’ una fanzine di graffiti in bianco e nero, distribuita gratuitamente in tutto il mondo da
Nata a Bologna nel 2002, la fanzine si preoccupa di riportare l’attenzione su elementi ed espressioni fondamentali del writing ricostruendo quell’ approccio tipico delle storiche fanze-fotocopia primi anni ’90, “quelle meravigliose bibbie in fotocopia che alcuni di noi hanno avuto la fortuna di vedere, toccare, aspettare, cercare, vivere”.



Taking Over and this website do not encourage nor approve any illegal or vandalic activity on private and public property. The aim of this fanzine is to monitor and show what happens in the graffiti writing culture, a phenomenon that is all around us. The pictures we publish, when not taken by the team itself while walking in the streets, are sent to us anonimously. We take no responsibility for any illegal content that can be found in any website linked to ours, as we don’t always agree with opinions expressed by other people on other websites or magazines.

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